Tunisia, A country for all desires !

Located in the east center of Tunisia, Mahdia is a starting point for many excursions. Few hours (2 on average) are enough to reach the most beautiful places in the country. Discover a different Tunisia as you go from one village to the other as much by the cultural heritages than by the magnificent landscapes.

Tunis – Carthage – Sidi Bou Saïd

Tunis : The capital city is worth visiting for its extensive Medina, its monuments, palaces, souks full of temptations and the great Bardo Museum, known for its outstanding collection of Roman mosaics.

Carthage : Carthage’s name is full of history. Founded by a Phoenician princess – Elyssa, the ancient city was a powerful enemy of the Greeks, and afterward of Romans. The site is full of evidences of a glorious past. Today, Carthage is where the presidential palace stands and where the most beautiful houses of Tunis are.

Sidi Bou Saïd : Situated on a hill emerging from the Mediterranean Sea, the village of Sidi Bou Said combines a sumptuous landscape with a typical and harmonious architecture. All the constructions are white and blue. One should not forget its fantastic marina. Everything makes it the most attractive village of the Mediterranean.

239 Km – around 02h25

The Oases of the Sahara

The Oases of the Saharan, simply, offer you a splendid and unusual landscape. Tozeur and Nafta are great historic cities that have drawn their wealth from their vast palm groves right in the desert. All around, you can see the Chott el Jerid – an ancient drained lake covered with a twinkling salt crust- and the oases of mountains (Tamerza Chebika and Midès). You will not miss a visit to the site where the famous movie “Star Wars” was turned: the Onk Jmel.

389 Km – around 05h09


El Jem

This small town is famous for its Coliseum – the largest in the world after those of Rome and Capua – built by the Emperor Gordian around 230 AD. JC; a very impressive monument to which is added a museum rich in Roman mosaics. During the months of July and August, you can attend the International Festival of Symphonic Music of El Jem that hosts the most famous symphonic orchestras in the world.

46 Km – around 00h46

Friguia Park

Meet the charm of the wild nature in the Friguia Park. It stretches over an area of 36 hectares. There, you will be surrounded by 406 animals (61 species) living in semi-liberty in large enclosures. You will have the pleasure to encounter wild animals such as lions, sea lions, giraffes, elephants and even the kangaroos. But most importantly, you can watch the dolphin show and even swim with them at the dolphinarium of the park. African shows liven up by folkloric troupes are organized.

137 Km – around 01h27

Sousse & El Kantaoui Port

Sousse, a seaside resort, is also a city of history. We will visit its great Medina that has conserved many monuments of the middle ages: the ramparts, the Ribat, the Great Mosque, and the Kasbah … The latter has a rich archaeological museum and offers a magnificent view over the old town and the sea. Juxtaposed to Sousse, the El Kantaoui Port; a lovely resort mixing a marina and a golf course.

89 Km – around 01h10


Kairouan is a holy city where you can admire one of the most prestigious landmarks of Islam – the Grand Mosque – as well as the Medina and other remarkable monuments such as the pelvis of the Aghlabids and the Zawiya of Sidi Saheb with its magnificent ceramics. In Kairouan you will be right in the heart of the carpet crafts in Tunisia.

125 Km – around 01h37

Gabes & Matmata

Gabes, a great maritime oasis, is worth visiting for its palm grove and colorful souks. Other oases and stunning Berber villages with troglodytic houses (Matmata, Tamezret) can be visited all around.

241 Km – around 03h25


This historic city and tourist resort has a very nice marina and a large medieval fortress called the Ribat that hosts the museum of Monastir. Once there you can also see the Mausoleum of Bourguiba.

46 Km – around 00h53