Kids Club

The mini club team is caring and considerate. Speaking several languages (French, English, German, Italian and Russian), our entertainers are trained in pedagogy and first aid.

Surrounded by a caring team, the kids will have a good time and fun from morning to night!

  • From 10 AM…. to 1 PM…
  • From 3 PM… to 5 PM….
  • Mini Disco From 8:30 PM … to 9:30 PM…

Games and workshops

During their stay at Mahdia Beach, children are Kings! They learn in our various workshops to make plaster statuettes, to paint on T-shirts, to create mini rugs, shell necklaces, etc.

With and for them, the Mini Club team organizes treasure hunts, Pirate and Indian days, sandcastle competitions and beach games.

Rayar Aqua Park

The hotel guests have free access to the giant aqua park. Your children will certainly love the pirate ship adorned with 7 slides as well as the 4 other funny slides.

Swimming Pools & Play Areas

The Mahdia Beach has 4 shallow pools designed for children so that they can wade, learn to swim, play….

The hotel also has an outdoor play area with swings, swings, turnstiles and slides for the joy of children.

Evening program

Kids quickly lost their initial shyness and bring out all their talents on stage. Children’s dancing is planned every evening. But that’s not all ! The kids will discover the backstage through our 2 children’s shows :

The Mini Talent Show :

At Star Academy, children will have to excel to convince our jury.

The Mahdois Wedding ceremony

It is a show that recreates a traditional Mahdia wedding with all the ceremonial activities: traditional dances, songs and costumes. Through this show, the Mahdia Beach sensitizes children to Tunisian culture and allows an immersion in the traditions and customs of the country.

Ados Club

For teenagers, the program is organized around sports activities and competitive
games(mini-golf, football, water polo, beach volleyball, ping pong, …). In the evening, they are also invited to participate in the shows.

«  My children came home happy with lots of memories in their bags and lots of things to tell.  » 

Eline, Mom of Pierre & Jeanne